Tinder Taught My Mate Spanish

Move over Duolingo - dating apps can yield more than casual hookups and you can actually learn Spanish with Tinder (apparently). This is a tale from an anonymous pal of mine (no, really, I'm not…

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I’ve Got Reverse Culture Shock

Last year, when I came home after a ten-month trip I found it super hard to adjust to my motherland after being away from her for so long. I had some serious reverse culture shock. I've…

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I Love Temporary Relationships

When you’re a digital nomad and you only stay in a city for a pre-determined amount of time, everything becomes temporary. Homes, friendships, lovers. Everything. And that, pals, is absolutely thrilling. If you’ve ever read…

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This is Important – #doitforgrace

Pals, this is important - #doitforgrace. Last night, after a week at the beach, I was waiting at baggage claims in Mexico City. I hadn’t been online in a few days because I’d been busy…

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Tinder Adventures in Mexico

In an attempt to turn my table for one into a table for two, I’ve been going wild on Tinder in Mexico. This is no surprise to anyone going by my track record of Tinder…

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I Got Stood Up

Yep. I got stood up by a beautiful but terrible man. FFS. Quick bit of backstory for anyone who cares... I was in back-to-back relationships for the entirety of my 20’s, and I met my…

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