Dave’s Bite of the Big Apple

Next up is a former colleague (and current friend) Dave, a Retail Production Director from Essex in the UK. Dave was in his thirties before he headed off solo for the first time, but his maiden voyage destination was, in my opinion, an excellent choice.


What age were you on your first solo trip?



Where did you go?

New York City.


How long did you travel for?

6 days.


Why did you decide to travel alone?

I wanted an independent adventure.


How did you feel before you set off on your solo trip?

Nervous excitement, then excitement.


What did you love most about travelling alone?

Planning to do everything that I wanted to do and not having to compromise.


Did you dislike anything about solo travel?

Some of the experiences would have been better shared with a friend/loved one.


What tip would you give to fellow first time solo travellers?

Step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised.


What learnings have you taken away from travelling alone?

AirBnB is great!


Where would you like to travel solo to next?



If you would like to share your first timer story, get in touch!



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