Emily Gets Back to Nature

Emily, an accounts supervisor from Essex, is a friend whom I love dearly. She’s also the perfect proof that you don’t have to travel far to go solo, and that a bit of time alone is often the greatest gift that you can give yourself.


What age were you on your first solo trip?



Destination and of your first solo trip?

The Norfolk/Suffolk countryside.


How long did you travel for?

5 Days.


Why did you decide to travel alone?

I had recently broken up from a long relationship and felt the need to be on my own and discover myself again.


How did you feel before you set off on your solo trip?

Very excited! I was looking forward to getting away from everything and everybody and just be myself and relax.


What did you love most about travelling solo?

Being able to make decisions without any outside influence. Just being able to go where and when I wanted with no restrictions was liberating.


Did you dislike anything about travelling solo?

Sometimes when out and about it would have been nice to talk to somebody about what I was discovering, but other times I didn’t find this a problem. I took photos to share with people later.


What tip would you give to a fellow first time solo traveller?

Don’t plan too much. Just take each moment as it comes. You can go anywhere, any time when it feels right for you so don’t restrict yourself.


What learnings have you taken away from your solo trip?

I’m very happy in my own company and I’m more capable of looking after myself than I realised.


Where would you like to travel solo to next?

Anywhere relaxing with a good view and lots of nature.

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