A woman drinking ale in a pub in London
Hi! I’m Sophie. Welcome to Table for One. After spending my twenties working in the video production industry, I realised that I was being an idiot killing myself at a job that wasn’t fulfilling me and/or making me filthy rich. So, I did what any self-respecting grown up would do, and I quit. With a pathetic amount of money saved and a very loose plan scribbled in a notebook, I bought a one way ticket to South America and headed off on what would become the most fun/disastrous adventure of my life. I’ve always loved to write, so I created Table for One to document my trip. Originally, I started the blog with the intention of being an inspiration to other solo female travellers; I wanted to share tips and tricks on how to travel better, so that every woman could follow her travel dreams like I’m doing. But that’s bullshit, and absolutely not who I am (turns out, I’m in no way inspirational), so I quit that too. Are you noticing a theme, yet? Instead, I’m now doing what I do best, which is ranting, complaining, and trying in vain to be hilarious. I’m writing honestly about my real experiences, good and bad, and I’m sprinkling in a lot of my baseless opinions and theories for good measure. The truth is, travelling is a total pain in the arse sometimes, and nobody really talks about that. So here I am, ready and willing to piss on your bonfire. You’re welcome. If you have any shitty travel experiences that you want to share, or just a baseless opinion of your own that you need to tell to a stranger off the internet, holler at me via my contact page. Happy travels x