I’d Rather Cuddle a Woman

I’ve always approached dating as a numbers game. My thoughts are that if I date loads and loads of people I’m gonna connect with one of them eventually. The laws of probability are on my…

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Are You Frightened of Me?

He came over to me and just started talking. "Where are you going? What are you doing? I’ve never done this before. I’m a loner, I hate people. I never talk to them usually. But…

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I Met Someone Organically

...well, I thought I had. Obviously, I had not (silly Sophie). As is the theme of this much-neglected blog, the entire ordeal turned into a masterpiece of humiliation that I will share with you now. …

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My Accidental Love Triangle

Oh, hi there. Before I get into this silly little story I want to do a disclaimer thingy. See, I'm currently living in Da Nang, Vietnam. Vietnam has done a solid job of containing the…

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Tinder Taught My Mate Spanish

Move over Duolingo - dating apps can yield more than casual hookups and you can actually learn Spanish with Tinder (apparently). This is a tale from an anonymous pal of mine (no, really, I'm not…

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