Tinder Adventures in Mexico

In an attempt to turn my table for one into a table for two, I’ve been going wild on Tinder in Mexico. This is no surprise to anyone going by my track record of Tinder…

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A Guide to Latin Love

Latin Love is, in equal measure, the best and the worst thing in the world. Whether you ask a Latin American person or a foreigner they’ll often say the same, and gender makes no difference…

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I Got Stood Up

Yep. I got stood up by a beautiful but terrible man. FFS. Quick bit of backstory for anyone who cares... I was in back-to-back relationships for the entirety of my 20’s, and I met my…

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Tinder and Travelling

Going on a Tinder date whilst backpacking is the most stressful thing a human can do. I know they say that it’s actually more stressful to move house, have a baby or change jobs, but…

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