Here’s Some Information About My Body

Here’s some information about my body. Yes, I know you haven’t asked for any, but when has that ever stopped me before? Recently, during a conversation with a very brilliant woman in my life, we…

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I’ve Got No Mates

I've always been good at making friends on solo trips. But this time, for a full week I had no mates at all. I was a loner. A loser. A totally Billy. AND IT WAS…

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Travelling is Really Bloody Annoying

Sometimes, travel is proper shit. Well, not like real-life shit, but just quite annoying. Well, not even quite annoying really. But there are definitely annoying things about travel, and I’m going to whine to you…

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Mean Girls: Travel Edition

Facebook travel groups are full of bitches. There, I said it. In the run up to my current trip, I joined loads of female travel groups to get advice and to feel a little less…

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