My Experience as a Nude Model in Mexico City

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If you’ve been anywhere near my Instagram account lately or have spoken to me IRL, you’ll know that I recently modelled nude. I spoke about taking my clothes off in this previous blog, but this time I actually let someone take photos of the event. Strap yourself in: this is my experience as a nude model in Mexico City.

Trigger warning: there are naked pics in this post but don’t panic, all the good stuff is blurred.

Being a Fangirl Sometimes Pays Off

I met Felix D’Eon on Instagram. He’s an incredible gay artist based in Mexico City, and one of his many talents is drawing fat gay/bisexual women looking sexy AF. As a fat, sexy, bisexual woman who loves looking at other fat, sexy women, I was instantly hooked on the way he paints us. I shared some of my favourites on my Instagram story, and being the excellent human he is, he messaged me to say thanks.

We got chatting and I told him that I’m proud of my soft body. I explained how it fills me with joy to see someone flaunting my type of figure when many of us chubby gals don’t feel comfortable doing so. Then, he asked if he could paint me nude, and without stopping to think I SAID YES. I mean, what a massive honour to be asked to model for such a talented artist. So, we set a date and a time, and I got ready to strip off in front of a stranger from the Internet (sorry, mum).

Felix D'Eon painting of a gay woman on a bar
This painting gives me feelings

Folding my Knickers in a Stranger’s Studio

On the day that I went to meet Felix, I was VERY nervous. If I’m completely honest, I’m not even close to being 100% in love with my body. I still hold on to a lot of shame about how much I jiggle, so the thought of exposing myself to Felix, his camera, and his thousands of Instagram followers was definitely a little scary.

But, when I arrived I immediately felt at ease with Felix. He’s kind, warm, and instantly likable. He’s absolutely one of those people that you want to be BFFs with, you know? After a bit of small talk, Felix asked me if I was still willing to pose nude. My answer was yes, so I started to undress as we continued to chat. And then, as soon as I finished neatly folding my knickers on the floor of his studio, we got to it.

If You Say You Haven’t Ever Taken a Nude You’re Probably Lying

Anyone who’s ever taken a nude (if you say you haven’t, you’re probably lying) knows that it takes 100 attempts to make sure your body looks its best. Stomach sucked in, ass pushed out, tits presented as perkily as possible. But this was different. It wasn’t about looking sexy, it was about finding the confidence to just let my body do its thing.

For my first pose, I stood strong and tall for a warrior goddess painting that Felix was planning. It was the perfect way to start the session and I felt brave and confident. The next pose was seated with my tummy squished up in a way that I’m struggling not to call unflattering.

We did around ten poses, and I genuinely enjoyed every single one of them. I was completely comfortable in nothing but my flesh, and I felt womanly, serene, and powerful throughout. Felix told me I looked beautiful and I believed him. As I lie on his studio floor, body spread long for his camera, I forgot all about the bits of my body that I don’t like so much. Instead, I focused on the feeling of pride that was surging through my body. When we were finished I cycled home from Felix’ studio with a huge smile on my face. Energy surged through me and I felt incredibly free.

The Morning After the Night Before

The next morning Felix sent me some of the images from our shoot and my feelings were hugely contradictory. On one hand, I loved them. I loved what they represented and how he’d arranged my body so creatively in every shot. And I thought I looked truly beautiful in a couple of them. But with a few others, I couldn’t look at them objectively, and I fought a strong urge to be cruel to myself. The unflattering one of my squished tummy was my biggest challenge. As I stared at the photo the word fat ran around in my head like some sort of anti-mantra.

Felix shared the images, including the squishy one, in his Instagram stories (with my consent obviously). I also shared a note in my own story, telling my followers where to find the nudes if they wanted to see them. I then spent the rest of the morning freaking out, wondering who’d looked at them and what they thought of me. Did they cringe when they saw the photos? Were they shocked by how I looked without clothes? Did they wonder why I’d feel ok showing off my body when it looks like dough?

I was worried that my family would be ashamed of me for choosing to put naked pictures of myself on the internet. I was wondering whether friends would be as cruel about my body as I was trying hard not to be. I was worried that the guy I was seeing would look at them and be shocked because he’s only ever seen my body in the carefully curated ways I’d chosen to reveal it to him. That’s a lot of internal dialogue to deal with, and I wondered why I insist on putting myself in these situations.

Nude female model posing for a painting
The squishy one

Hey, Why Do You Put Yourself in These Situations, Sophie?

Well, dear reader, if I didn’t, I’d have nothing to blog about. JOKING (sort of).

I wanted to do it because how else will I get to a place of truly loving myself if I don’t keep pushing my boundaries? How will young women coming up behind us avoid the same fate of being ashamed of their bodies because they don’t feel ‘normal’? There has to be some dialogue to counteract the constant fat shaming that still has a strong grip on the Internet (and society in general). And I want to be a part of that conversation.

Also, how cool will it be to look back on these photos in years to come, to see my 31-year-old body looking juicy and gorgeous! Like how Rose off Titanic did, but without all the tragedy and that.

Titanic GIF Rose saying "it's been 84 years"
Actual footage of me in 84 years time

I can’t wait to see what Felix does with these photos. His artwork is beyond beautiful and it screams love, acceptance, and positivity. I’m so proud to have modelled for him and of my bravery in letting my body be truly seen. My worries that followed the experience clearly show that we need more people like him shouting about the beauty of our bodies body in all their forms. Loads of us struggle to feel beautiful in our own skin and THAT MUST STOP. My body will never be ‘good enough’ for Victoria’s Secret and whoever else has a problem with showing fat babes in and out of their clothes. And that’s absolutely ok. Because they’re not good enough for me either.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot…

Have you ever modelled nude? Do you also love looking at sexy fat babes? Wow, we have so much in common! Holler at me in the comments so we can be BFFs.

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  1. Ximena

    amazeeeee, and hilarious as always.

    1. Sophie

      Thank you, my darling girl. Te extrano mucho xox

  2. Rhea

    How wonderful to read this and see your pictures and just be full of admiration for you. I think you look like a million other people (sorry) it’s the stick people who look odd to me. Can’t be as comfortable to cuddle a skinny, bony person as one with some flesh on them.
    It’s a lovely piece of writing and of I were your mum, is be very proud of you….I think. 😉😀

    1. Sophie

      Thank you, I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading this. I think every type of body is beautiful – no matter the shape or size. Every woman should feel like a goddess in her flesh because she absolutely is one. Sending you love x

  3. Cindy

    You never stop surprising me (in a positive way, of course) ! 🙂
    I miss you.

    Lots of love from Germany!

    1. Sophie

      It’s my one aim in life – to keep you on your toes! Much love from Medellin, miss you lots my brilliant and beautiful travel pal.

  4. Alice Teacake

    I modelled nude all the way through University and earnt great money. Modelling also gave me an hour at a time to just sit in silence and meditate too! Girl power 💪

    1. Sophie

      Oh wow, that’s so awesome!! You’re such a powerhouse, I have all the respect and admiration in the world for you. Girl power is the best power.

  5. ComfortisforWimps

    Yew!!! Well done!! You is brave and busting boundaries all over the shop.

    1. Sophie

      Thank you!! Not as brave as you though, you nude dating hero.

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