This ‘Dating Coach’ Teaches Dudes How to Pull Medellín Girls

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If you’ve ever read this blog before, you’ll know that I’ve had major troubles with Medellín dating. But today I learned that my man troubles were nothing compared to what Colombian ladies have to deal with.

See, they have to deal with people like Austen Summers. Austen is a ‘dating coach’ and he runs a program where he teaches fuckwits how to pick up women in Medellín. Austen and his gang prowl around Medellín seeking out single Colombian women to harass (actually, they don’t even need to be single).

See, Colombian beauty is the stuff of legend, and with good reason. But sadly, this beauty attracts many, many vile men to Medellín to meet Colombian singles (again, they don’t always have to be single). They’re not necessarily looking for a Colombian wife, either: it seems they’re often just looking to fuck with Medellín girls because it makes them feel good about themselves or something.   

Austen has made a 45 minute documentary about his week-long program for picking up girls in Medellín. I watched it all (it was painful) and picked out all the bits that made me rage the hardest. You’re welcome.

Day 1 – Theory Followed by Practice in the Field

Fuck knows what theory entailed. Probably loads of machismo rubbish about how women should be grateful for being pounced on by a salivating man with shit lines and overinflated egos.

After their morning in the classroom was over, the fellas went off to practice in the field. Yes, that’s right, these guys are actively gamifying women. We are sport to them. Practice in the field apparently just means bothering women all afternoon on a pathetic mission to get phone numbers. 

At one point, Austen says that it’s good to get aroused when you’re talking to women because “you’ll have more dick behind what you’re saying”. Eugh.

Day 2: Hassling Women on the Street and also in Malls Again

At one point during day two, one of the fuck-nuggets on the course FOLLOWS A WOMAN DOWN THE STREET. She is visually uncomfortable and clearly trying to get away from him but he continues his barrage of bullshit. The footage cuts halfway through the chase – I assume to hide the escalating fuckery.

Later, when the bros are back in the classroom, Austen comments that there should be more English words invented to describe being in a relationship. It seems that “I have a boyfriend” just isn’t enough information for him and his merry band of dickheads. Is that because it makes it difficult for them to decide how much effort it’s worth putting in with their prospects/victims? 


Less than one month dating: We recommend following the girl down the street while hassling her for her social media details. When she looks super uncomfortable, placate her by pretending it’s because you want to talk to her about your upcoming holiday to Switzerland.

More than three months: Why not back her into a corner and try and woo her in English even though you know full well that she only speaks Spanish (she ain’t worth learning a language for, bro).

Over a year: Fuck it. Just say “boom boom” to her and hope for the best.

*the men in this documentary did all three of these things.

During day two of pick up school, we learn about pull talk. What’s pull talk, I hear you wondering…

“It’s light fun chatting on the way home that keeps her in an adventure state so she feels good emotions and she’s not overly logically thinking. If you’re very silent with her walking home these thoughts are naturally going to arise. Where are we going? Where are my friends?”

Is Austen recommending that you bombard her with idiotic rambling so she doesn’t actually realise she’s going home with you? Maybe the idea is to not let her stop to think whether going to your place is safe or whether she might be about to do something she regrets? Just keep your eye on the prize, buddy. Because her feelings don’t matter as long as you get your dick wet and you leave Austen a good review on his website. Right?

Day 3: Austen Finds a Way to Talk about Slapping Women

This part of the video starts sort of nicely. Austen our charismatic leader is banging on about giving the girl a great experience. Finally, some focus on what the woman wants. Hoorah!! Austen then goes on to give an example of how to give a girl a great experience:

“If a girl’s fantasy is a rape fantasy or being slapped in bed, you give her what she craves. If she wants you to be more dominant with her, if she wants you to put her in her place then you have to do that”.

Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having rape fantasies. And there’s absolutely a time and a place for a dominant man. But come on, Austen, why couldn’t you have said, “Go on a day trip”, or “take a cooking class” or literally anything else in the entire world. You just needed to think about putting a woman in her place, didn’t you?

Day 4: Hike Day

This section is just a bunch of shit men on a hike making jokes about big vaginas, poo, and tree jizz (I don’t know). 

At one point they climb over a fence on to private property while shouting “we don’t take no for an answer on this trip”. Is that a metaphor?

Day 5: Creeping on a College Campus

Day five begins with a montage of Austen and his main pickup artist protégé prowling around talking shit to more unsuspecting women. It doesn’t seem like anything new but then BOOM – this screen appears:

Yep. These tosspots had spent the morning hassling young women who were simply trying to get an education. Male students had complained to college security that their female peers were being harassed by creepy dudes. Thank fuck for those male students.

Smart move though, Austen. If you distract those women long enough that they miss class they might fuck up their education. And without that they’ll find it much harder to rise up against you, won’t they? Well played.

Day 6: More Obnoxious ‘Flirting’

In this section the guys joke about spiking drinks, make a homophobic joke, then say this in their hilarious subtitles:

A racist screenshot from a Medellin dating website

I have nothing else to say about day six.

Day 7: The Big Party

This is what Austen et al have been working up to. Today’s the day for the big shindig to celebrate their…well, I’m not sure actually.

This section begins with one tosser speaking about the fact that Colombia is better than the U.S because girls don’t give him shit in Colombia and there are no SJW (social justice warriors). This is offensive on several levels (message me if you need me to list them for you), but what this guy is basically saying is that he perceives women in Colombia to be oppressed and that makes his mouth water.

In other news, the party was apparently dope. I guess we’ll have to take their word for it.

Here is My Conclusion

Hate is a strong word that I never use lightly. That being said…

I hate the patriarchy. I hate being treated like a commodity. I hate seeing women being hounded and harassed when they’re just trying to go about their daily business. And I really fucking hate Austen Summers’ Medellín Immersion program.

I was so disappointed to see that Austen’s Medellín pickup documentary has thousands of views and that so many of the comments are in support of the dangerous shite that he’s pushing. Thankfully, a couple of days after I posted this article Austen de-listed the video. But, I’m sure he’ll re-share it once the heat he’s getting has died down (the story of him harassing women in Medellin made national news in Colombia). So, friends, this is your call to action. Follow this link and REPORT THE VIDEO so that it gets taken down for good. Gracias.

Do you have any Medellín dating horror stories at the hands of one of these assholes? Have you ever been a victim of a pick-up artist? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Joshua

    Well done for bringing this to our attention. What a low life. Capitalising on people’s loneliness and poor social skills thus creating more creepy men. I reported to this YouTube. It wouldn’t let me comment on the video 🙁

    1. Sophie

      Thank you for your support, Joshua. His business is pathetic and dangerous and hopefully, we can join together to do something about it. Thanks for reporting the video – I hope YouTube pays attention!

  2. Cat Frayne

    This guy is there absolute fucking worst. My friend showed me his Instagram not long ago and I literally vomited in my mouth.

    You should post this article in Gringo Paisa, a Facebook page for both foreigners and locals to come together. Maybe with a link to his Instagram so that people can get a sneak peak at the person who is going around making their sister, daughter, cousin, niece, friend, etc, feel like garbage.

    1. Sophie

      Yep. He’s really, really grim. Thanks for the tip – I’m not from the US so I don’t think I can join but I’ll post it in the EuroGringo group instead. Please feel free to post it in GringoPaisa on my behalf! A woman shared the article in Medellin Expats but it was removed – the admins are definitely pro-Austen in that group.

  3. Dan

    why do you waste your time writing about this stuff? it happens in every city and that guy is not the only guy doing this in Medellin. A simple youtube search will show you this.

    1. Sophie

      Sorry, I don’t understand your point. If it happens in every city and he’s not the only guy doing it in Medellin, isn’t that even more of a reason to write about it?

  4. Kim

    Thanks for writing this, Sophie! I gave the video a big thumbs down and couldn’t help but read the comments. So many desperate guys all over the world are praising him and buying into his bullshit. I wonder how much he charges for his “immersion” program. I should get Chris to inquire. 😉

    1. Sophie

      Thank you, Kim! It’s insane how many men buy into this, and how many women think that it’s fine. SCARY. I’ve reported the video for being the hate-filled trash that it is.

  5. Stinico

    This guy got laughed out of the Foreigners in Mexico City FB group not too long ago. He was whining about the quality of the local food (which, in itself is hilarious in someone who prides himself on his ability to charm the locals)…a few people noticed his profile and before long he was getting ripped to shreds. Not sure if he was kicked or simply fled, but he’s trying to post joke memes in other, similar groups now. I guess Mexicans are just less receptive to obnoxious, arrogant creeps than he expected them to be.

    1. Sophie

      I’m so glad to hear that he got shut down. What a silly, silly man he is.

  6. Julia

    Reported. Absolutely vile. Thanks for your action. Just because it is widespread as one person pointed out doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Even more reason to take a tío

    1. Sophie

      Thank you for taking action, too. Absolutely – he’s just a small fish in a big pond of these guys, but he made a great poster boy for bringing fresh attention to the issue.

  7. Marc

    Yikes, you’ve got some pent up aggressive. I hope your blog gives you an outlet for it!

    1. Sophie

      Yikes, I think you meant ‘aggression’.

  8. Lyle Gallo

    Bwahahahahahaha – what a wanker! seriously the guy is a total bell-end; him giving dating classes is like pavarotti giving dieting tips. But seriously this fraudster is cheating lonely dudes out of their incomes which makes him even more of a tool.

    1. Sophie

      His ‘business’ is pathetic on every level. What must the women in his life think of him? Nothing positive, of that I’m certain.

  9. James

    I don’t understand why you’re so upset over guys talking to girls? You’re just another SJW trying to change the functionality of society and sexuality. Grow up. Stop being jealous and take care of yourself and then maybe some good looking dudes will hit on you too?

    1. Sophie

      If, by “trying to change the functionality of society and sexuality” you mean fighting against sex tourism, the objectification of women, and men literally FOLLOWING WOMEN DOWN THE FUCKING STREET. Then yes, I am just another SJW doing exactly that.

  10. Paula

    The video has been taken down. To say his behavior is gross is an understatement.
    I have been approached by foreigners before when I’m just minding my business and clearly don’t want to be bothered, but then again, I have been harrassed by the locals as well…

    1. Sophie

      Hey Paula, thanks for your comment. Yep, this behaviour isn’t uncommon and it’s not just the gringos. I wish women could walk down the street without being bothered. Maybe if we continue to speak up and fight against this shit, one day we will 🙂

  11. Geraldine

    I remember watching Squatting Casanova’s video about Medellin, using the same language, bothering women on the streets, bringing men to share embarrassing stories about those women that he himself encourage them to approach. They make fun of Colombian people, calling people names in English knowing they don’t Understand, ridiculing those women who didn’t want to go with him. Truly disgusting. I post it if one of you want to help taking this crap down

    1. Sophie

      WOW. What an asshole. I have shared this with Wikigrillas and will add the link in the blog so people can click through and report it.


    Additionally, an electric escalator 1,260 feet long was inaugurated on December 26, 2011, in Comuna 13, one of Medellin’s poorest neighborhoods, making it one of the first of its kind in the world. Today’s Medellin includes spaces for art, poetry, drama, the construction of public libraries, the foundation of new ecological parks, and the inclusion of people of the city in its development.

    1. Sophie

      Medellin is an incredible city, for sure!

  13. Chris

    Sophie what are you mad about ? You’re promiscuous as well you’re doing the same thing. If you were a married woman with low N-count then your words would’ve had weight.

    1. Sophie

      Excuse me do we know each other? And what does my promiscuity have to do with the sexual harassment that this arsehole is subjecting women to? Seriously, what are you talking about? How are those things the same thing?

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