My Worst Travel Day Ever

Travelling is the best thing ever and I bloody love it. I’m well lucky to get to do it all the time and most days I wake up like “how is this even real life”.…

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My Worst Landlord Ever

If you’re a traveller or digital nomad, finding accommodation can be tricky. Unless you’re one of those digital nomads with a big fancy job and the big fancy paycheck that goes with it you often…

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This is Important – #doitforgrace

Pals, this is important - #doitforgrace. Last night, after a week at the beach, I was waiting at baggage claims in Mexico City. I hadn’t been online in a few days because I’d been busy…

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Am I A Creepy Old Lady?

Yesterday I turned 31 and I feel strange about it. Birthdays are always a little weird, and every time I complete another year on this silly little planet it makes me panic a bit. This has…

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Travelling is Really Bloody Annoying

Sometimes, travel is proper shit. Well, not like real-life shit, but just quite annoying. Well, not even quite annoying really. But there are definitely annoying things about travel, and I’m going to whine to you…

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