I Love Temporary Relationships

When you’re a digital nomad and you only stay in a city for a pre-determined amount of time, everything becomes temporary. Homes, friendships, lovers. Everything. And that, pals, is absolutely thrilling. If you’ve ever read…

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A Disappointing Lady Date

The other weekend I had a disappointing lady date. It wasn’t just a bit shit, it eclipsed every disappointing date I have ever been on (even worse than this embarrassing catastrophe). No Game with Girls…

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My Most Embarrassing Date Ever

If you’ve ever read this blog before you’ll know that I love Tindering when I’m travelling. Dating is mega fun and I really bloody enjoy it. Most of the time. Sometimes though, dates are awful. The…

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Diary of a Rubbish Digital Nomad

Hey pals, this is a diary of a rubbish digital nomad in Mexico City. Three weeks ago I arrived in Mexico City to begin a four-month stint here as a digital nomad. This isn’t my…

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