My Worst Landlord Ever

If you’re a traveller or digital nomad, finding accommodation can be tricky. Unless you’re one of those digital nomads with a big fancy job and the big fancy paycheck that goes with it you often…

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I’ve Forgotten How to Backpack

Before I settled in Medellín to work/study Spanish/mess around on Tinder, I was backpacking South America for five months. In that time I covered nine countries and was solo for all of it (apart from…

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When Volunteering Goes Wrong

When I first arrived in South America, I signed up to a website called Workaway. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Workaway is a subscription-based website where hostels, farms, schools, and every…

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My Sixth Month in South America

This weekend it’s my six month anniversary with South America. Sadly, my love affair with this continent is the closest thing I’ve got to a loving relationship right now, but it's cool 'cos BAE got…

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How to Decide if Hostel Life is for You

When you think about travelling on a budget, you think about hostels and dorm rooms, right? They’re the backpacking ‘norm’ and usually provide the best value for money, so the odds are that if you’re…

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