Things I Know About Lisbon

I'm currently living in Anjos, Lisbon. I have three months here and if you're a regular reader of this little blog it'll come as no surprise to you that I did zero research or preparation…

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My Worst Landlord Ever

If you’re a traveller or digital nomad, finding accommodation can be tricky. Unless you’re one of those digital nomads with a big fancy job and the big fancy paycheck that goes with it you often…

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Diary of a Rubbish Digital Nomad

Hey pals, this is a diary of a rubbish digital nomad in Mexico City. Three weeks ago I arrived in Mexico City to begin a four-month stint here as a digital nomad. This isn’t my…

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Tinder Adventures in Mexico

In an attempt to turn my table for one into a table for two, I’ve been going wild on Tinder in Mexico. This is no surprise to anyone going by my track record of Tinder…

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