I Have a Confession to Make…

...my name is Sophie, and I DO NOT LIKE CLIMBING MOUNTAINS. Now, to you folks reading this at home, this might not seem like something that requires a confession. But friends, let me tell you, exclaiming this in South America is like confessing that you still wet yourself as an adult (and that’s only happened... Continue Reading →

My Second Month in South America

When we last spoke, I was on the ferry from Uruguay back to Argentina, so let’s pick up there. After a brief two day stopover in Buenos Aires (did laundry, got drunk on fire-drinks), I headed to Iguazu Falls with my Belgian pal, Mandy. Although I was dreading the 18 hour bus journey, it was... Continue Reading →

Bernard’s South American Adventure

I met Bernard, a lawyer from Amsterdam, in Mumbai in 2009. He was enjoying success in Bollywood as an extra in adverts and I was enjoying drinking my body weight in Kingfisher beer on a daily basis (horses for courses). This guy went big for his first solo adventure, proving that there's no limit to... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Solo Travel Myths Debunked

When I first announced to friends, family and colleagues that I was heading off to South America on my own, most people were super excited for me. That was cool to hear, but what struck me the most was how many people said they wished they could do something like me but they couldn’t because... Continue Reading →

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