I Had a Massage in Colombia

…and it was a total disaster. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a little tightly wound, due to my very stressful life of working 15 hours a week and having too many leisurely afternoon naps (I know I'm awful, please don't hate me). So, I decided to ‘splurge’ and treat myself to a... Continue Reading →

This Week I Did a Little Experiment

This week I did an experiment, and it didn’t really go very well. Over the past two months I’ve been having a bit of trouble adjusting from backpacker life to digital nomad life, and my concentration is non-existent. Turns out, it’s really hard to sit in a room and focus on work for more than... Continue Reading →

Tales from a Bang Motel

This tale is regurgitated from a friend of mine here in Medellín. Now, I know what you're thinking: "a friend, yeah sure". But, this is absolutely a story from a pal who has asked to remain nameless (I don't care about that though, his name is Alex). I didn't know this before I arrived here,... Continue Reading →

My Sixth Month in South America

This weekend it’s my six month anniversary with South America. Sadly, my love affair with this continent is the closest thing I’ve got to a loving relationship right now, but it's cool 'cos BAE got me feelin’ gooooood. The last month of my trip has been hugely different to the five that came before it,... Continue Reading →

Tinder and Travelling

Going on a Tinder date whilst backpacking is the most stressful thing a human can do. I know they say that it’s actually more stressful to move house, have a baby or change jobs, but I’ve done two of those three things within the last year and I can confirm that they do not compare... Continue Reading →

My Fifth Month in South America

Hello. Did you have a nice Christmas? Happy New Year. What resolutions did you make? Ok, enough of that. Month five, woah! Not too shabby considering I only saved enough to travel for three months (living on bread and eggs really extends the budget, it turns out). When we last spoke I was in Lima... Continue Reading →

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