A Disappointing Lady Date

The other weekend I had a disappointing lady date. It wasn’t just a bit shit, it eclipsed every disappointing date I have ever been on (even worse than this embarrassing catastrophe). No Game with Girls…

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Tinder Adventures in Mexico

In an attempt to turn my table for one into a table for two, I’ve been going wild on Tinder in Mexico. This is no surprise to anyone going by my track record of Tinder…

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I’ve Got No Mates

I've always been good at making friends on solo trips. But this time, for a full week I had no mates at all. I was a loner. A loser. A totally Billy. AND IT WAS…

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Am I A Creepy Old Lady?

Yesterday I turned 31 and I feel strange about it. Birthdays are always a little weird, and every time I complete another year on this silly little planet it makes me panic a bit. This has…

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A Guide to Latin Love

Latin Love is, in equal measure, the best and the worst thing in the world. Whether you ask a Latin American person or a foreigner they’ll often say the same, and gender makes no difference…

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How to Decide if Hostel Life is for You

When you think about travelling on a budget, you think about hostels and dorm rooms, right? They’re the backpacking ‘norm’ and usually provide the best value for money, so the odds are that if you’re…

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